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Business relies on Tech. The Tech Repair Team employs the most talented Tech Geeks in the UK to fix your Tech when it goes wrong! Our service is available seven days a week, ensuring your business is supported when you need us most. Company accounts are welcome. Book a Tech today, and we will have you back up and running .. Pronto!

Mac Repairs - Laptop Repairs - Desktop Repairs - Remote Support - Phone & Tablet Repairs - IT Support

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The Best IT services in the UK

Virus Removal

Is your Pc or Laptop running particularly slow or even non-responsive?

Maybe your screen will not boot up as expected, or the opposite, the device operating system repeatedly restarts? There are many ways a virus can attack your device, which generally can be resolved by our Technical Support Team

Water Damage

Spilling liquid onto your laptop or PC can result in different levels of damage, depending on the type of liquid and the amount you have spilt. 

Most importantly, do not turn your device on; this can cause further damage. Shut the device off by holding down the power button. Our Techs can carry out water damage repairs the same day


Overheating can result in many frustrating issues, including:

Slow performance

Program and application crashes

Frozen software

Data loss

Book a repair with one of our Techs, and we will get you back up and running, pronto!

Power Issues

There are several potential reasons you are experiencing power issues with your device, ranging from faulty chargers to motherboard issues. Our Techs will be happy to diagnose the problem and get you back up and running the same day

Data Recovery

Data recovery from a computer or laptop could be part of the repair process or a standalone process such as recovering data from a damaged external hard drive. If it is possible to recover the data, our techs will recover it. 

Device Upgrade

If your laptop or Pc is running slow or just not performing as it once did, it may be possible to upgrade a component to improve overall performance; call our Tech Team today, let us know what device you have, and we can check if our Tech Team can upgrade the device.

Graphic Card Repairs

Most Laptops and Desktop PCs today rely on powerful graphic cards to manage visually-intensive jobs. Several issues may happen due to a faulty graphic card, such as a visual screen problem, or maybe the device is not booting or working correctly. Out Tech Team can diagnose issues fast, getting you back up and running

Remote Support 

Our Expert remote business support team are available seven days per week to assist when you need us most, below are just a few of the typical remote issues we can resolve. 

  • Software problems

  • Email Issues

  • Virus and spyware removal

  • Software, Device and Hardware Configuration Issues

  • Software Upgrades and installations

Mobile Phones & Tablets

Our fantastic Techs are available to carry out same-day repairs at your business location. We are averaging a 2hr response, with a first-time fix rate of 96%. If you are experiencing issues with your mobile device, book a Tech for a repair visit at your premises.

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Our Expert Techs Can Repair 

Services You Can Trust. 

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5 Great Reasons To Choose
  • All of our Technicians are quality vetted and approved

  • Same-Day repair service

  • We Come To You!

  • No Fix - No Fee

  • Our Techs only fit the best quality components

Fix My Device


Engineering Class
Happy Portrait

Lynn M.

Very patient and helpful. Not sure what he's done, but problem seems to be fixed! Great app, would definitely use again.

Happy Man

Lynn M.

Very patient and helpful. Not sure what he's done, but problem seems to be fixed! Great app, would definitely use again.

Happy Man

Lynn M.

Very patient and helpful. Not sure what he's done, but problem seems to be fixed! Great app, would definitely use again.


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