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Helping you make the right choice. refurbished grading scale explained?

Please note that a refurbished device means that the device has previously used but has been thoroughly checked by our technicians. 

Please note that website pictures are not of the actual device for sale. Please be guided by the grading structure as below. 


Our team would be pleased to send WhatsApp pictures of the specific device when required. 


Some devices are sold without charging cables or original packaging. Where this is the case, the advert will highlight the missing components. 

What do our refurbished grades mean?

Here at, we have a transparent grading system for the devices we sell. Our focus is to make sure our customers can make the right choice at the point of choosing their new device. 

Our devices are segregated into five categories to help identify their quality.


  • A+ condition

  • A condition

  • B condition

  • C Condition 

  • D Condition


A + Condition

An A+ device would be a device that is in almost new condition—saving money on a new device!

A Condition 

A device in the A category will be in excellent condition; the device will only show light signs of wear and tear, but overall, it’ll be in excellent cosmetic condition. 

B Condition

B condition device will have moderate signs of wear and tear. For example, there may be scratches or small dents on the casing and minor screen scratches. Scratches to the case can be hidden with a phone cover. B condition devices are cheaper than A or A+, so please expect the device not to look brand new. The condition is reflected in the price. 


C Condition

C condition devices will show signs of wear and tear, ranging from moderate to highly noticeable. The wear and tear can be on the case and screen, so please keep this in mind before purchase. The quality of the C category has been reflected in our pricing structure. 


D Condition rarely advertises D category products; in this category, please expect a high level of wear and tear to the device in general. This category is our lowest graded category, and we are happy to answer any questions before you purchase a grade D category device. are committed to your satisfaction. To help choose any of our devices, our team will be delighted to answer any questions you may have concerning a specific product. 


Contact the team to discuss a specific device: 


T: 03332 400 108


Or click the LiveChat button

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