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It’s not really about us, tho.

Renovated Office

What do we do? 

Put simply, you guys rely on Tech. We employ the most talented happiest geeks in the UK to fix your Tech when it goes wrong! In addition, when you need a new tech device we have over 3000 products in stock at great prices.


What is different about our team?  

Everything! Our whole business model is focused on making the best out of a bad situation for our clients. When your Tech goes wrong, business stops! Time is of the essence; the core focus of our teams is to get you back up and running in the least amount of time possible! 


Company Buzzword? 


It's not just what we do; it's the way we communicate our results and real-time data back to the client. 


Summary head office is based in Covent Garden, and our team are hugely experienced in dealing with a diverse client base, maintaining thousands of IT and Mobile Devices Nationwide. We love what we do and thrive under pressure. 

Sales - Repairs - Service


Need more info? 

Contact our team on 03332 400 108

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