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We have got you covered!

Our server professionals can help you choose the right hosting package that suits your business today and have the flexibility to be scaled in line with your business needs tomorrow. Only pay for the correct solution you need now, don't waste your budget on futureproofing way too early. 

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Expert Services You Need

Remove The Costs You Don't!

  • Scale up your support team and access IT professionals instantly

  • Reduce HR costs - Switch to on-demand outsourcing 

  • Build your on-demand team available when you need them most

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The Best IT Services In UNITED KINGDOM!

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Expand your in-house IT team

Our services are guaranteed to complement an existing IT support team seamlessly. Even the best teams can find themselves under pressure, delivering projects whilst maintaining the day-to-day tasks. Adding expert on-demand staff to an existing IT team can positively impact your business. 

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Your  leadership - Our  IT expertise

Most companies have an excellent management infrastructure but find adding knowledgeable staff quickly impossible. Our on-demand service can empower your business to build a virtual  IT support team which can be available when you need support most. 

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Expedite projects - Deliver On-Time 

Even the most organised project teams could benefit from extra support at critical timelines of a project. Our  IT professionals can be available On-Demand to ensure the project gets delivered on time. 

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Recruiting IT Professionals Quickly, Sucks!

When your in-house team needs support, they usually need it quickly.
Speed becomes a critical factor in adding the correct support for the business. Our On-Demand service allows you to build a stand-by virtual team, available at short notice. 

Data Cloud
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Add a new skill set to an existing team

Having the perfect IT support team that can specialise in all areas can be a resource challenge. Our On-Demand professionals can be available at critical times in your business, adding specialist skills only when needed.

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Choose how long you need support

Our professional IT support services are available on an hourly basis. Maybe you need a quick short-term fix or a longer term to expedite progress and meet a project deadline. 

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Guaranteed to make your IT budget go further

Very rarely would a senior manager managing a support team agree that they have the correct financial and staff resources available to meet the business demands. Building a virtual professional IT team available 
on-demand can have a significant impact on the ability to meet demand. 

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Recruitment is the pain we could all do without! 

So if you have 6-8 weeks to spare and a budget that you can not quantify, then maybe traditional recruitment methods are for you. 
The applicant rarely delivers on their previous promises, even after a successful interview. Does it sound appealing to be able to build a virtual IT support team at Zero cost, available when you need them at short notice?

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Ready, Set, Go

Our IT professionals are available to support your business immediately. 
All of our Tech Heroes are experienced professionals and have been security checked, ensuring our services are delivered proficiently and maintain the best practices of your business. 



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Build Amazing Teams,

Hire an IT professional in less than 24hrs.

Add fantastic talent to your existing teams, and scale your business with no long-term commitment or recruitment costs. TechsPerHour can provide experienced professionals available on an hourly rate - fixed price - or planned contract terms. 

Build the team that will support your business

Develop trusted relationships and build your own virtual talent team with lightening fast availability.

5 Great Reasons To

  • All of our Technicians are quality vetted & approved

  • Expert support available on-demand

  • Reduce recruitment and IT costs

  • Manage projects smarter with a virtual IT team

  • Account manager allocated to your business

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Customers Testimonials


"Went above and Beyond"

Very patient and helpful. Not sure what he's done, but problem seems to be fixed! Great app, would definitely use again.

Lynn M.


"Went above and Beyond"

Very patient and helpful. Not sure what he's done, but problem seems to be fixed! Great app, would definitely use again.

Lynn M.

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